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CloudScale365 provides industry-leading managed IT services and tailored solutions for diverse industries. We have the technical expertise and business acumen to build solutions fast, limit risk, and deliver maximum success.

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Embracing Digital
Through Managed IT

A trusted partner since 1996, CloudScale365 offers state-of-the-art managed IT services and cloud, hosting, security, and business continuity solutions. Backed by a 24/7/365 global help-desk and experienced IT leaders, we’re here to solve your toughest IT challenges. Experts in cloud architecture and network cohesiveness, we’ve helped hundreds of SMEs determine the tools they need to enable remote work, become cyber-resilient, and embrace digital transformation with ease.


Simplify Your World:
Meet the New, Modern Desktop

Let teams work anytime, anywhere securely. Stream personalized apps, content, and settings from the Microsoft cloud to any device. With one application stack, one regimented desktop configuration, and US-based support—all managed by a single provider—CloudScale365 makes it easy to take advantage of all that Cloud PC has to offer.

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Up your Game:
Migrate to the Cloud

Is your infrastructure having trouble keeping up with your business? It’s time to trade in restrictive contracts and application life cycle woes for a seamless journey to the cloud. Easily pivot to our Public or Private Cloud service, regardless of your server environment. Our experts are on hand to guide you on your journey.

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Be Ready for Anything:
Make Security a Priority

Now, more than ever, you need a comprehensive, continuous, and easy-to-implement cyber protection plan that protects your hybrid workforce. We have your back.

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Embrace Change:
Replace Legacy IT

Maximize the value of your organization through innovation. We’ll help you choose the right cloud solution to meet your business objectives, and ensure that your infrastructure adapts as your organization’s needs evolve.

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Free Your Team: Dev Ops to the Rescue

Refine your Approach to Technology Management from infrastructure demands, so they can focus on growing your business. From infrastructure architecture to monitoring and analysis, our Dev Ops team is an extension of your organization, providing always-on support to help you achieve your goals.

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Delivering Value for Your Business in The Right Way

CloudScale365 delivers a scalable cloud platform and on-demand, highly-skilled IT experts. We secure your company’s technology as a service, so you can focus on your core business. CloudScale365 provides all of the necessary IT tools to meet current and future cybersecurity needs, capacity on demand, DevOps and CTO as a Service.


Security at every level—from cloud infrastructure stability, to backups, disaster recovery, business continuity and endpoint security. Eliminate stress by collaborating with our security experts, who will provide both peace of mind and business protection.


Our team’s extensive experience crafting custom IT solutions to solve infrastructure challenges is your strongest advantage. We'll manage your entire IT stack, so you can focus on your business goals.


Being agile is a must in this ever-changing world. We deliver scalability at every layer so your organization benefits from the right amount of resources and knowledge on-demand. Be prepared for tomorrow!


We believe that trust is the foundation for success. We promote end-to-end transparency and honesty so we can deliver tailored solutions for your success.

Reach for the Cloud

Looking for a solution that scales up with your organization? Consider our Private Cloud solution.

Supporting Your Entire IT Ecosystem

Managed Desktop Managed Desktop Mobile Device Management Mobile Device Management Managed Cloud Ops as a Service Microsoft Solutions Security and Disaster Recovery DDos Protection SD Wan Monitoring Application Hosting CMS Hosting PaaS Public Cloud Private Cloud Custom Infrastructure/Cloud Solution

Supporting Your Entire IT Ecosystem

Managed Desktop Managed Desktop Mobile Device Management Mobile Device Management Managed Cloud Ops as a Service Microsoft Solutions Security and Disaster Recovery Monitoring DDos Protection SD Wan Application Hosting CMS Hosting PaaS Public Cloud Private Cloud Custom Infrastructure/Cloud Solution

Our Valued Technology Partners

We leverage the top technology to help you meet your goals.

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Blog Post

CloudScale365 Acquires Vandelay Industries

Acquisition expands regional footprint and healthcare IT practice expertise for CloudScale365 clients Newark, Del., December 2, 2021—CloudScale365, a leading provider of state-of-the-art managed IT services today announced the completion of the company’s acquisition of Vandelay Industries, a top...

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“Our COVID-19 vaccination online scheduler leverages its appointment booking technology and 15 years of optimizing appointment inventory to accelerate access to vaccinations. CloudScale365 contributed heavily to the success of our project. Their cloud environment is a high-performance service with vertical and horizontal scaling. The automatic scaling feature is vital to handle the very high volume of load that comes online quickly. The technical team is very knowledgeable about how to set up and configure a highly scalable solution such as this.”


“In partnership with CloudScale365, over the last 10 years we’ve deployed numerous critical communication services that allow utilities, enterprises, and public safety agencies to cost-effectively connect with their constituents. Cloud load balancing, with geographic spanning, ups the ante by maximizing technical design flexibility and redundancy.”


“We had a significant challenge of meeting a highly variable demand to the ecommerce store of one of our customers. CloudScale365 helped us to build a tailored solution, which can handle peak demands easily even during Black Friday! Our customer blew out new records for Internet sales during this intense period of promotions.”


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