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WordPress Hosting

Our reliable, lightning-fast, and secure WordPress hosting solution provides all the tools and expertise you need to orchestrate your organization’s online presence.

WordPress Hosting for Demanding Websites

Our WordPress Hosting solution comes with the features and capabilities to ensure the success of all WordPress sites. For high traffic sites, and sites with highly variable traffic patterns, we offer advanced WordPress configurations with autoscaling, designed to handle extremely high loads on demand.

High Performance

Our infrastructure uses latest-generation hardware, a secure network, and fast SSD-based block storage. For sites that experience high traffic loads, we offer clustered configurations with autoscaling.

Guaranteed Security

We know WordPress sites are often attacked, so we include multiple levels of security to ensure that your site is always online.

Instant WordPress Setup

One click is all it takes to set up your WordPress installation. CloudScale365 can assist with server optimizations to ensure the best performance of your website.

WordPress Auto Updates

Keeping your WordPress up-to-date is crucial for its security. That’s why we handle all updates, letting you focus on further development of your website.

Uptime Monitoring

Our free uptime monitoring, powered by NodePing, checks your site’s availability from multiple locations at a minute intervals.

Free DDoS Protection

Our systems are designed and configured to automatically mitigate DDoS attacks while allowing the targeted site to remain operational.

Regular Backups

We back up your site regularly and keep your files safe so you can restore them anytime in case of undesired change on an issue.

24/7/365 Support

Our top-notch support team consists of experts with years of experience. They are always available to assist you with solving the most complex WordPress issues.

Build Your Website on a Solid Foundation

WordPress Hosting from CloudScale365 is a reliable, flexible solution that can provide unlimited opportunities for your online business.



  • Choose you high-quality WordPress Hosting service optimized for performance



  • Choose your WordPress Theme and build your website



  • Go live and rely on CloudScale365 for website security



  • Scale your hosting resources as your business grows
  • Choose you high-quality WordPress Hosting service optimized for performance
  • Choose your WordPress Theme and build your website
  • Go live and rely on CloudScale365 for website security
  • Scale your hosting resources as your business grows

Bundle Your Hosting with a Domain Name

Custom Solutions to Fit your Website Needs

WordPress is not only the most popular open-source content management system, it is the most widely used tool for deploying and running websites of nearly any kind. More than 40 percent of the top 10 million websites in the world are powered by WordPress. Many of these sites serve a high volume of traffic and eCommerce transactions—let our custom solutions help you scale up your online business.

Build and Scale

Whether you need a single Virtual Server, a virtual Private Cloud for maximum privacy and control, or an auto-scaling configuration to best match your traffic patterns, we have the right WordPress solution for you. Contact our experts today to help determine the platform and configuration that best fits your requirements.

Managed CMS Hosting from CloudScale365

It’s hard to be a business owner, content creator, and system administrator simultaneously. While we cannot help with the first two, we definitely can assist you with the last one. By choosing Managed CMS Hosting you can rely on our team of experts to manage and protect your hosting infrastructure while you focus on building your business. Discover what you get with our Managed CMS Hosting:

  • High availability. Your uptime is guaranteed. You can expect your website to be up and running all of the time.
  • Next-Level Security. Our experts will take ownership over mitigating and responding to cyberattacks. Keeping your infrastructure secure is our top priority.
  • Future-Proof Your Infrastructure. You can be sure that your servers will always use the latest technologies and services.
  • On-Demand Tech Support. Our experts are available 24/7/365 to help you with any issues that you might encounter.
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CloudScale365 Acquires Vandelay Industries

Acquisition expands regional footprint and healthcare IT practice expertise for CloudScale365 clients Newark, Del., December 2, 2021—CloudScale365, a leading provider of state-of-the-art managed IT services today announced the completion of the company’s acquisition of Vandelay Industries, a top...

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“Our COVID-19 vaccination online scheduler leverages its appointment booking technology and 15 years of optimizing appointment inventory to accelerate access to vaccinations. CloudScale365 contributed heavily to the success of our project. Their cloud environment is a high-performance service with vertical and horizontal scaling. The automatic scaling feature is vital to handle the very high volume of load that comes online quickly. The technical team is very knowledgeable about how to set up and configure a highly scalable solution such as this.”


“In partnership with CloudScale365, over the last 10 years we’ve deployed numerous critical communication services that allow utilities, enterprises, and public safety agencies to cost-effectively connect with their constituents. Cloud load balancing, with geographic spanning, ups the ante by maximizing technical design flexibility and redundancy.”


“We had a significant challenge of meeting a highly variable demand to the ecommerce store of one of our customers. CloudScale365 helped us to build a tailored solution, which can handle peak demands easily even during Black Friday! Our customer blew out new records for Internet sales during this intense period of promotions.”


WordPress Hosting